Thursday, April 7, 2011

Official Manhood

As the name suggests, I am officially a man. No, I did not sleep with anyone. Ahmad asked if I could go to Lenox Square, and I accepted, eventually being able to set today as our trip date. His mom dropped us off at a MARTA station and we took a train there. We first tried to find the theater, but not before going into GameStop and trying out the new 3DS. The 3D really works, and quite well in fact. After that awesome experience, we tried to find the theater, and ended up missing the 2:25 viewing of Source Code. When we finally found a theater, they told us it included a bar, and therefore only customers 18 and older could enter. I am 18, but Ahmad is 17, so we just left.

We stopped at Panera's Bread and I ordered myself a ham and swiss sandwich, which tasted awesome. After some time, we found the right theater, but we had to take the 4:50 viewing. Before we went to watch it, we stopped by Subway so I could get myself a cup of lemonade. Finally, we saw the movie, and I highly recommend it. When the movie finished, we stopped by Borders (which is closing due to the company's bankruptcy) and walked around for a bit until we left for MARTA again.

All-in-all, it was a great day; a little frustrating and tiring, but a great day. *insert cheesy 80s music here*

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