Friday, March 25, 2011

I Hate You, Too

While I was going to my Spanish class, some girl said, "Hi," to me. I found this to be a friendly greeting, so I greeted back, but then she responded by saying, "Fuck you." Now, normally I would retort back by saying something like, "No, I don't fuck bitches," but I thought she wasn't worth it. She'll get pregnant in high school and forced to drop out without the support of the father. Then she'll be forced live in an apartment for the rest of her life with six children, five of whom she doesn't remember the father to each of them, and she'll have to resort to selling drugs and being a prostitute in order to get income.

And then she'll get arrested for the possession of drugs, and she'll never see her children again for they will be taken away from her. And when she's released, she'll go back to being a prostitute until she is raped and killed, her body thrown out into the highway. And the killer will be the father of the first child.

Yes, I can be sadistic when it suits me. :)

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