Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not a Fanboy, Just a Lunatic

All right, so I did a bit of math to figure out which of the three companies have been around longer. Naturally, it would be Nintendo, right? Well, I wanted to give the Big N a little challenge by combining the years both Sony and Microsoft have existed.

Microsoft Game Studios has been around since 1999, earning them 12 years of gaming service. Sony Computer Entertainment has been around since 1993 — that's 18 years. Combining the two, we get 30 years of games for the two, which is close to Nintendo's 37 years of video games, but Nintendo takes the cake here.

Now, Microsoft in general has been around since 1975 (36 years), while Sony has been around since 1946 (65 years). Adding the two comes close, but not close enough: 101 years; Nintendo has 122 years under their belt. So while Microsoft, Sony, and generally others who claim Nintendo is inexperienced, years tend to add on to experience, and Nintendo has bucket-loads of experience. This explains why Mario has lasted for so long.

However, I still love my Xbox and PlayStation.

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