Friday, January 21, 2011

If You Were Flying

When I returned home from school, I put my book-bag down, made myself a glass of orange juice, and stared at the sky. When I looked at the sky, I saw a jet plane; it soared high in the azure where it looked like a speck in its altitude, and it left behind a trail of exhaust clouds. As I looked at it fly, I thought about every jet plane that ever soared above my neighborhood. Where were they going? Why were they flying? When would they land? I don't think the pilots even care; I think they just enjoy the ability to glide with the birds and climb to the heavens where they can laugh at the very gods who said man should not fly.

I sometimes wish I could fly. I wish I could sprout wings — whether it be a curse or a blessing — and take to the skies, not knowing where I was going or why I was ascending. Just to fly away.

If you were flying, where would you go? Would it matter to you? Maybe not to me. Maybe not to those whose lives have been tormented with memories they bitterly hate and loved ones they utterly miss; those who are cursed with cancer or another reprehensible disease; those who tire of a corrupt world and long for a simpler one. Alas, perfection can never be achieved, for we are creatures who think and question instead of simply living.

Which is why I believe flying is the perfect alternative to a paradise, and in turn is why I believe Charlie and Sam will become lifelong role models for not only cancer patients, but also to the young and the weary.

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