Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to Beat Fable III

Time tah take yer cash, mah boi, wit' tha help of mah trusty mustache!

For those who have played through Fable III, you know it is pretty much impossible to keep your promises and save all the people in Albion. You spend the entire game building up to the moment you become king, only to have it shot down in an hour when a coming darkness will wipe out about six million people. And even when you tried to be the good person by keeping to your promises, you find out people will hate you (at least the very, very few that survived) and won't even bother to talk to you. Furthermore, the majority of the shops are closed, if not all.

And if you took the evil side by ignoring your promises and furthering your rule of Albion so you can raise an army, the landscape is absolute hell at the end to the point that everything is ugly and everyone still hates you. So, I've come up with a simple solution: save up enough gold before you go to Aurora (possibly ten million coins) so you can keep your promises and still have enough gold to save Albion.

Damn it, Lionhead, why couldn't you think out the ending a little better? For that matter, why couldn't they quit making Fable so casual. I mean, the only thing difficult about Fable III is the combat, and the reason for that is due to the weapons being unbalanced.

Why Fable III is an Embarrassment to Video Games

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