Monday, January 10, 2011

Belated Snow Day at Ahmad's Watership Down

Today, we got the day off from school due to a snow storm. Apparently Ahmad was right; we wouldn't go to school today — possibly even tomorrow.

Anyway, yesterday we went to my Bubbie's to celebrate a belated Christmas with her and the Normans. We exchanged gifts, and to my surprise, I received Watership Down. I can't wait to read it after Forest Mage and Renegade Magic. After reading Watership Down I plan to read Assassin's Apprentice.

Also, Ahmad is trying to get me into reading print comics, but my interests lie with novels and music, as well as programming when it suits me. He went as far as to say he'll drag me to Borders and buy a book himself for me. I'll remember this when he wants to start work on Pandora's Fighters.

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