Thursday, December 16, 2010

Like Before, Change is Gewd

A while back, I was working on a game called Harane. It was supposed to be a text adventure game for Windows, but I could never finish it. I decided to turn it into an action-adventure game and add a mechanic in which you could change into a variety of animals, hence earning the title Morph; Harane would be the name of the land.

But I decided to remove the animal-morphing idea and turn it back into a human-only game, besides a few exceptions with fantasy creatures (dwarfs, elves, dragons, ect.). The reason for this is the animal system began to become too complex to correctly implement the different types. I tried strength, agility, and mana, but it felt too similar to Fable's attack system. I then tried land, sky, and sea, but it felt too fague. The list became endless until I decided to drop the idea.

Instead, some of the concepts of flight will go into another game I have in mind, in which I will offer no information on beyond this: while all legends can use magic, few can take to the skies.

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