Saturday, December 11, 2010

iHate iTunes

Apple's next product to go along with its iPod Nano.

Seriously, I've had enough of this crap. As a music composer, I need to be able to add music to my iPod when I want to, not when iTunes wants to.

I was trying to update my library by changing the artist of my music to my pen name (if I used a pen to write music). To do that, I deleted the music from my library and edited the songs using Windows, making sure I had updated the album artist as well. After I did that, I synced my iPod to the new library (to remove the old songs, since iTunes can't figure out how to do that on its own), added the music to the library, and — what do you know — iTunes splits my miscellaneous album into two as it did before. This time, it had a different album name, so I thought it wouldn't do that, but it did.

I fumbled for fifteen minutes trying to figure it out and I finally did. But iTunes is a waste of time, and generally speaking, Apple is too. I want to like Apple, but it's hard to do that when their products suck. Even my Nano has a few problems (though not as many as my Sansa View had). I've never had any problems while using Windows Media Player. I might as well get that plug-in for Windows Media Player for supporting Apple products, but I'm afraid it may not work.

I might as well work on my music strictly on the computer, and only render the songs when all of them are done.

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