Thursday, December 9, 2010

Basic Cyber Trilogy Plot Synopsis

I finally finished the basic outline for the Cyber video game trilogy, which will be exclusive for Nintendo's handheld:
A powerful virus by the name of Conficker is unleashed by an unknown terrorist group against the United States. Unlike its real-life form, this version has the capability of controlling hardware, and it's even been able to control weaponry. It constantly learns and uses this knowledge to fight its foes, even going as far as to kill humans — whether they're soldiers or not.

A United States team of programmers is ordered by a computer program named Bledi to write a special program to combat Conficker. Using the known knowledge of Conficker, they create Raze. He is admitted into the United States Cyber Military to help combat the viruses that have infected an important computer which contains data regarding military strategies.

Throughout the three games, Raze travels from just one computer to many via the Internet and meets partners who will help him in his quest to destroy Conficker once and for all. But why is Raze able to fight Conficker when no other program has? What makes Raze so special? What are Conficker's true plans? Who can be trusted and who must be killed?

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