Thursday, December 16, 2010

Attack Data Sheet

I just finished writing a couple new functions that could very well be useful for a future action-RPG video game I plan to direct. These functions determine the current level you're at depending on your current experience (temporarily stored as an int variable type until I bother to change it later) and your possible attack strength using a random algorithm. Here is the data sheet:

But to amuse those not amused in nerd talk, here's a random animation having nothing to do with this post (you'll need to click it in order to see the animation):


  1. Interesting.
    What language do you program with and how long have you been programing?

  2. C++, and since late 2007. I started writing code for websites and moved on up from there. What language did you use to create that blog? I assumed C++, but I don't know.