Friday, November 26, 2010

Why Professionals Don't Use Mac

We don't use a mac because:
1) The enterprise-level applications that we use do not run under OS X - the mac is a computer for home users, students and graphic designers.
2) The Mac has its share of malware circulating around - even apple has admitted that anti-malware/anti-virus protection should be installed in macs. The myth that the mac is free of malware is just a myth some people choose to believe.
3) A mac costs over $500 dollars more than an identically configured PC - macs have the same hardware components as any PC in the market - does not make business sense to spend over $500 for the mac OS - which can't run the thousands of engineering and enterprise applications a PC can run.

- itpro7c3

Though I am not against Mac, Apple, or anything thereof, I will have to say that Windows is better off for professionals, excluding graphic designers, which according to this link, states that graphic artists need to have multiple programs running instead of just Photoshop. I don't know much about graphic design, since I'm a programmer and music composer. Windows is great for a single-minded task, like writing, gaming, and the like, while Mac seems to be great for multi-tasking. It's all in what you do.

Speaking of computers, my mom got a computer virus from a program called Siegare. I'd recommend staying away from any website related to the program, and for that matter, staying away from any On-Core Software and Adam McInnis products. I was able to get rid of it by performing a System Recovery. I set up a Kids account and had my mom set up a password for her account.

Guys, seriously; computers are tools, not toys.

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