Monday, September 13, 2010


I had an interesting weekend. After being convinced by Mom, I agreed to visit my step-father. My mother drove Erin, Benjamin, and I half-way to the parking lot of Toys-R-Us. There, Randy picked us up. When we got there, I was tired, and I had a minor headache. I went upstairs to watch a movie (since the downstairs TV was broken); I watched Sharktale, that DreamWorks film. I hadn't seen that in years.

I had to sleep on the couch (I'm not keen with sleeping on the floor), but it wasn't too bad. Since I forgot to bring my sweats, I had to sleep in my jeans; not the most comfortable thing to sleep in. When I woke up, there was nothing much to do. Randy baked us muffins with berries, so I had something of a breakfast. Afterward, I watched a little of Saving Private Ryan. Then, we went out to launch rockets, despite my unamusement to the idea.

At first, we tried the school's yard, but it was locked. Then, we went to this field in which a neighborhood was possibly being built. I warned them that we shouldn't go in there, but they didn't listen. After we launched a few rockets, an officer drove up. Randy explained the situation, and he was understanding. Soon enough, another drove up. The other officer told him what was going on. But apparently it was a slow day, for another officer drove up. As he approached us, he shouted to the younger officers, "I should've known you two with your toys!"

They were just fine with us hanging out up here, but they had possible vandals in the past, and they just wanted to make sure none were up here. They soon got bored and left.

We launched more rockets, but it was hot and we were thirsty. So we headed home and relaxed for a bit before heading out to a restaurant called Carrabba's Italian Grill. At first Randy mistook it for a Mexican grill, but corrected himself. Yesterday was Erin's birthday, so she had a day-late celebration. She received cards and a ukelele. Not sure what prompted her to ask for one. After we finished eating, we headed back home-home.

When we arrived, I was asked to tune both Erin's ukelele and Benjamin's guitar. Since I play neither, it was a unique experience. But at least I know what a fret is now.

So, all-in-all I had a nice weekend. I just hope I can relax this weekend — I'm sunburnt. :x

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