Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Fair Robin Hood

Just now, I finished watching the 2010 film Robin Hood. Originally, I thought it would be about Robin Hood and his Merry Men, but it's actually about how he became an outlaw. That's not a bad thing, since that makes it all the more interesting. I'm just curious as to how Prince John could want so much power. I mean, having all those people love and hate you? Forget it.

Anyway, yesterday I went a fair with Mom, Phil (Mom's boy-toy), and Benjamin. When we arrived, Ben tried out this Spider-Man trampoline attraction while I went off on my own. I first rode this mini-coaster (there were only two), which wasn't the best nor the worst thing I rode that day.

It was hot, so I was obviously being a little nitpicky that day. But I finally decided to ride this thriller in which you're swung from side-to-side while spinning in a circle of chairs. I rode that two times, although unlike the first time which actually ended up being two times since the ride operator decided it would be funny to make us ride the... expedition, for lack of a better word, for a second time, it was shorter.

The next was a faster ride in which not only are the arms spin, but also the cars, and the passengers are suspended in air. It was a lot faster than I anticipated, and I actually lost my eyesight as well as all senses in my feet. The ride slowed down, and my senses returned. I can tell you that's one ride I do not plan to ride again. Afterward, I asked Mom to buy me some lemonade, and I sat down to drink in the shade. Eventually everyone became tired and we headed home.

After relaxing for a bit, we headed out again to get some food from Krystal's and Burger King, and then head for Walgreens for Phil to get something; I'm not too sure what it was. I ordered my usual: two cheeseburgers without mustard and a side of fries. When we got back home, I went downstairs to my room to eat. Then, I went to bed; I was tired.

So, all-in-all I had a good weekend.

Also, did you know "that the injury rates for children's wagons, golf, and folding lawn chairs are higher than for amusement rides?" No? The more you know!

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