Monday, September 27, 2010

Drama in Language Arts

Language Arts class today redefined the term "drama club." As we were waiting for White to finish addressing Jonathan (another Jon, mind you), she had to continually ask the other students to stop talking. I really wasn't paying any attention to the class at this point. For some reason, she asked a boy named Grenay or something like that to leave the classroom. As he was getting his stuff together, she grabbed his bookbag and threw it outside. Grenay had a hissy-fit because of this, and eventually White just pressed the administrator's button. Problem was, there was no answer.

So she and Grenay talked outside. Eventually this got out of hand (by this point, I was pissed at everyone) and our principal was called. After calling us expendable and the teacher not (how nice), class somewhat resumed. Apparently, White was in tears due to this whole incident.

Really? I just want to get my grade and get out of high school. If my Junior class is going to act like assholes, I just might not bother to go to school at all. <_<

Well, the good thing about this day is the Titan A.E. soundtrack came in the mail today. It does not contain any of the score, but it does have all the songs that were in the film, and then some. It's a great soundtrack; I recommend it completely.

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