Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cyber Has Changed

While I was listening to some music, a thought occurred. I know, what a shock. Anyway, I've listen to Cyber 1.0's music, and I'm beginning to have some second thoughts. I want the Cyber trilogy to be Nintendo's Halo, so to speak. So I'm scrapping all the music. Not only that, it won't be just a rail-shooter anymore; it is now a full-blown, side-scrolling, fast-paced, heart-racing shooter with rail-shooter taking up half the game, tanks, planes, and all.


  1. Slash, Nintendo doesn't make Halo, Microsoft does.

  2. It's not going to be exactly like Halo. It will be E to E10+ rated, and will contain very little language. No mature content, but the plot will be deep for a Nintendo game, and will be a combination of Star Fox and Metroid. Trust me, this isn't a bad thing.

    Also, Cyber > Halo. :3