Saturday, August 14, 2010

Morgan Webb Is Not a Gamer

All right, so we have gamers across the world watching a little TV station called G4. It's considered one of the more popular television stations for technology and video game information. One of its shows, X-Play, has two hosts: Adam Sessler (one of my more favorite reviewers) and Morgan Webb. Now, granted I have nothing against female gamers; in fact, I would like to see some of this male gamers to quit saying, "Women don't play games." Of course women play games! You can't label an entire medium to one gender. That's like saying classical music is for girls (Fantasia should change that opinion, bitch).

But Morgan Webb is not helping out at all.

Her antics at trying to be a gamer are completely laughable, and utterly humiliating among the fine gamers of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Her inability to even review a video game correctly makes me wonder why I'm even bothering to become a game designer, when her followers are just 40-year-old virgins who masturbate every time she comes on the screen, and anything she says, these "gamers" will do like a religion. For example, if she says a Nintendo game is stupid, that means every fan of G4 must not play the game. Otherwise, they'll be shunned. Half the time, these "gamers" probably don't even know how to type correctly (it's "you," not "u") or make valid arguments ("lol the game has crappy graphics so it sucks noob").

So why do game developers focus so much on what she and other reviewers her type say?

Because Morgan and her lackeys have a shit-load of power.

Developers these days focus so much on trying to impress the reviews when the real money lies with the gamers. How many reviewers are there to the gamers? Not much. There are more gamers than there are critics. The real money lies with trying to impress the intelligent gamers who like all three major gaming companies, and are not consumed by a "sexy" woman who, in my eyes, is only a little girl who's passing herself off as a journalist so she can look sophisticated.

And why is Adam Sessler hanging with her anyway? He's way more intelligent than her, and not quite as biased. Is it because he considers her a friend, and he's trying to prevent any wars from breaking out on-set? Adam, you're a gamer, she's not. You're the editor-in-chief, she's just a host. If anything, they'll listen to you more than they'll listen to her. You can make way better friends with the industry if you realize that your current television-friends are just douchebags trying to be cool by playing ultra-violent video games all day long when a game is all about gameplay and not graphics.

I'm probably being a little cruel right now, since I don't know too much about Kevin's nor Olivia's stand on video games, but even so, I hope the industry realizes that focusing so much on a popular game critic is just disgusting -- I want to make games that are fun, exciting, and don't try to impress people by its graphics. Maybe someday Morgan will realize that's what games are all about.


  1. Ugh, I couldn't agree more! The woman irritates me to no end!!!

  2. agreed. until she started bashing nintendo for no reason, i thought she may have been a gamer. now i laugh everytime she reveiws.

  3. She's joke. She tries really hard to seem like a hardcore gamer by continuously bashing Nintendo for no apparent reason.