Thursday, August 5, 2010

Highlights of Summer 2010

This summer was probably the most exciting summer since ever. That's how great it was. Here are its highlights in order of occurrence, good or bad (mostly good, though):
  1. Discovered Aramii
  2. Wrote music for Shinigami's Cyber Savior
  3. Evik Oroll, my first bred ami, is born
  4. Kirby's Epic Yarn is announced for the Nintendo Wii
  5. Personal website "completed"
  6. Apache and PHP installed on computer
  7. Actually spent time with Brendon
  8. Received signed copy of Tongues of Serpents
  9. Finale Printmusic 2009 is dead
  10. Learned a lot of C++ over the summer; made several neat programs
Something tells me that this school year is going to turn my life around... but why?

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