Saturday, August 28, 2010

Comment about Jack Thompson

The Romans killed Jesus without the aid of "murder simulators". Witches were burned in Salem without "murder simulators". 6 Million jews were killed in WW2 without "murder simulators". The arrogance and intense stupidity of anyone willing to continue to make any claim that video games have any role in violent behavior is insane. Defending Jack Thompson's smear against the Constitution is insane. If anyone has any doubts remaining about the nature of Jack Thompson's requests to abolish the First Amendment - shut up! You won't be allowed to speak if you fight against your right to do so, so stop now, save your breath and move to China. China (much like Germany) also has plenty of restrictions on game violence, religious taboos, and any other "dangerous" ideas their government sees fit to imprison people over. Get out of this country and be silent if you wish to destroy the freedoms within it you filthy traitor.


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