Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kirby Anime Show Rant


Actually, I dislike both shows. What does the show have to do with Kirby? At the beginning, Kirby was the star. And then 1/4 of the way, the writers kinda gave up and turned Kirby into a Pokémon. Fumu was always telling Kirby when to inhale even near the end Kirby should have figured out for himself, and yet Kirby continued to act like an infant. I know the show states he is one, but the games do not: they've always called him a little boy. And I know Sakurai didn't want Kirby to speak, but did he have to make him stupid and young? They could've just kept him mute. And who is Fumu? Where does she appear in the games? And Bun? Escargon? And why is Kawasaki a good guy?

They really butchered Kirby into a character that, although I remain loyal to, I'm beginning to question. Kirby's Epic Yarn looks rather nice, but what happened to that amazing GameCube game? Did they deem it "too dark" or something? I want Kirby's Adventure, Kirby Super Star, Kirby & the Amazing Mirror (stupid AI, you made me look bad), and all those other great games back. I want who I grew up with back. Not this anime Kirby.

If they wanted to create a Kirby show, they should've done something similar to the pilot: little to no voice actors, simple characters (including Kirby), and in my opinion a Chuck Jones-style. They could've kept the princess in the show, so as long as she didn't become a loud-mouthed b-word. I can see Kirby fighting Kawasaki, Meta Knight, Sun & Moon, and all the others, as well as Dedede playing cat-and-mouse with the pink creampuff. And at the end of the series? A longer, more interesting fight with the Nightmare Wizard or something.

Now, to wait for the people who disagree with me.

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