Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Costly Mistake

The horror that is unfolding along the Gulf of Mexico and beyond is the result of a costly mistake. I am not talking about Obama's mistake, or Bush's mistake or BP's mistake: I am not even talking about Cheney's mistake. I am talking about the mistake that happened many millennia ago.

At some critical juncture along the evolutionary highway, the organism that was to become MAN achieved the critical mass in brain cells to become self conscious. The synapses fired and, for the first time, a creature alive on this planet saw himself as a separate being: "outside" of nature. The Bible describes this moment as the Lapsarian moment when Adam and Eve bit the apple and lost their innocence. Self conscious and filled with human doubt, shame, cunning and "sin," they were banished from paradise and found themselves "exiled" from Nature. "Religion" is the Latin for tieing back and we have been trying to tie ourselves back to that state of Natural Innocence ever since, but to no avail. We feel that we can live above and beyond Nature, that we can tame her, plunder her, exploit her, dominate her and always use our intelligence to stay one step ahead of the consequences.

As I watch the TV now, I realise just how mistaken we are and how Nature is finally deciding that the mistake has gone on too long. I heard someone say:" look what we are doing to the earth. We are destroying the planet." It struck me like a thunderbolt that they had it completely wrong. The planet is destroying us. Oil is a natural resource. It is a mass of fossilized crustacea that over aeons of heat and pressure form this sticky glutinous substance. It comes from the earth and will never destroy the earth. It will destroy the environment on which we rely for our survival, but it will never destroy the earth [for] it IS the earth!

As we meddle with the atom and mess with the earth's crust, dig for her precious resources, choke her atmosphere, we only succeed in shortening our own existence, but so what? The earth doesn't care. She shrugged off the dinosaurs, mammoths and dodo bird when the environment could no longer support them, she is certainly capable of shrugging us off too. And will probably do it a lot quicker than it took to get rid of the dinosaur! ...especially with so much help from us.

So, while I am sad beyond tears to see the devastation and agony this latest act of hubris has unleashed, I cannot feel either surprise or anger really. It has been a long time coming.

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Charles Shaughnessy


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