Sunday, July 18, 2010

Adienth: Diversity?

At one point in my future career, I plan to develop a game called Diversity. It'll be a stealth/action/puzzle/platformer game in which you control four characters throughout the city of Queenston in order to find the one responsible for "invading the magic". For a while, I planned to use Adienth (the planet in which Diversity is set on) in one game only.

But I like Adienth. In my opinion, it's a well-designed world filled with magic and wonder, and it has potential to be something other than to be a franchise about just one genre. I don't want to make a series in which every game is a particular type of game. I mean, is real life like that? Why should Adienth be like all the others?

Which is why after I finish the first Dr. Mole game, I want to design a shooter for Adienth featuring new characters. Imagine being in a war, gun in hand, right next to a fire-breathing dragon fighting soldiers from another country. Neat, huh?

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