Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's Up?

I was searching YouTube for nothing in particular when I bumped into this video. I remember this song from way back, when Randy would play dance/techno music in the car. This was one of my favorites. So, just now, I've purchased the extended version from iTunes. It sounds a lot better when it's not on YouTube. :p

Anyway, I've also decided to attempt to purchase rights to the song in the future for Diversity. My idea is that Bass (a playable character) walks into a dance club, and after being there for a few seconds, the DJ changes the song to this. He then announces a dance group, and they start dancing on-stage to the music. This will mainly be in the background while Bass is trying to find a way into a secret section below the club. However, the player can stop and watch the performers dance (which will be caught via motion capture). Hope we can fit it all in without using multiple discs. But I've seen games with larger additions.

And for those who want to know the name of the song:
Title: What's Up (3 Non Blondes Mix)
Artist: DJ Miko
Album: 90's Eurodance Club Hits, Vol. 1 (The Extended Mixes)

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