Monday, May 3, 2010

Zero's Rant

<@Phoenix_Wright> To Jps, shut your mouth you damn dirty def donkey and stop crying over damn pokemon, it's just a fucking vidergame, so we don't need another thirty damn fanfictions about it.
<@Phoenix_Wright> To Tatsu next time he bitches about my hourly name changes: How about you shut your damn trap, as I have better things to do then to sit here and make you happy.
<@Phoenix_Wright> To manuel after his ninety-third line of speaking after midnight tonight: Manuel go and masturbate to your monkey porn.
<@Phoenix_Wright> To jimmy the VERY next time he logs onto KBFail: Get the hell off of this network your emotional cocksucking dickriding slut.
<@Phoenix_Wright> To lemon the next time you see him: Stop being a pedophile who will get nowhere in life but work at a fast food restaurant, as it's stupid.
<@Phoenix_Wright> To Galex's third, fifth, seventh, and nineteenth line after midnight tonight: NOBODY FUCKING CARES

Game, set, and match: Zero.
... The other Zero. They usually call me Slash. <_<

<@Jps101> To Zero, you're a lazy sonuvabitch who gets everyone else to do your dirty work. I mean, come on. You go on about how smart you are sometimes, yet you're stupid enough to keep doing these things? Lame... And tbh, you complain just as much as everyone else

<~General> Oh fuck off you cocksucking jimmy licking low-down mexican puma sonuvabitch who can't do anything without crying over it for five and a half episodes

<~General> The only reason you have so many female friends is because you complain and whine so much you all the male friends rejected you

<~General> Now good day you assmuncher

<@Jps101> I'm sorry. Were you talking to me? Coz I thought you were talking to someone who actually gives a crap about what you say anymore

<@Jps101> Coz tbh, I don't see anyone like that in here

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