Friday, May 28, 2010

I'll Show You 8-Bits!

Today, I had to rewrite Cyber Savior's main theme, as it was starting to get much too childish. Instead, I might send it over to Aramii. Technically, the theme is kinda for them, as I was writing the song while playing the game, so... not such a good idea to do while writing music for a top-down shooter. The theme began turning out childish and something more of a GameMaker theme. Even Kirby would scoff at it.

Still, I like it, so off to Aramii it goes. Of course, the other players have to like it first... I'll also need to finished it, heh. Anyway, for the new theme for CS, Zero wanted me to write it for 8-bit chiptune, like the NES. At first, I was rather annoyed by this prospect, but eventually complied. I looked for a chiptune soundfont via Google and stumbled upon a web page filled to the brim with classical-styled soundfonts. Being the composer-dork I am, I "squee'd".

I grabbed the one I liked and wrote a theme for the game in less than an hour. At first, Zero didn't like how it was going until part two of the song began playing. Then, he kept saying, "Wow."

It's not easy to impress this fool. :\

Like the new Aramii theme, I like this one. It actually sounds real nice, and I am looking forward to composing more themes for the game.

I'll post the theme on YouTube once I get Zero's approval.

Also, no more labels/tags. Honestly, they're kinda useless. :\