Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trevor Contacted Me...

Trevor [enter last name here], the creator of Diddgery the Hamster-er, Cricecorn, contacted me via YouTube. He said he's "confused" by what I plan on doing with his character, which was to try to make a freeware video game based on his character. Updates will appear here as it happens... STAY TOONED!

UPDATE: 10:31 PM 4/30/2010

Trevor recently sent me an message regarding possible rights to Diddgery; things ain't lookin' too pretty:
While I am flattered that someone is interested in making a game based on Diddgery, I don't plan on selling the rights to him at any point in the foreseeable future. Diddgery's one of my oldest creations, and easily my favorite; asking me to sell him would be like asking someone to sell their first-born child. I'm sure you can understand.

I also have to add that even if I was interested in selling the rights, I would be hesitant because you didn't contact me before you started planning the game. Though you said it is a fan game, I think there is a difference between making a freeware game based on a widely popular series like Zelda or Kirby, and making a freeware game based on a character made by someone on the internet. In the future I suggest you contact people first. After all, I don't think Telltale games started working on the Sam & Max or Strong Bad games before contacting those series' original creators.

In any case, I wish you luck in your future endeavors and will keep an eye open for your games.
Of course, I am not upset in the very least. I understand entirely how he feels about selling rights to his character; I feel like a jerk not realizing the severity of my actions. I wouldn't want someone stealing Calx nor any of my other characters. Besides, he approached this professionally.

Instead, I'll move any of my ideas I had for Diddgery to a new franchise; the music I'd written for Diddgery will not be used.

All-in-all, I learned something new today: don't steal, or you'll get a horn up your ass.

(Also, I liked this comparison: "... asking me to sell him would be like asking someone to sell their first-born child."
So cute. :3)

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