Friday, April 2, 2010

Mowing Lawns

I remember when I was younger, I went around the neighborhood offering to clean neighbors' windows. It was a strange idea, but it got even stranger when I eventually offered to take care of their house while they were away on vacation. I would make these fliers on Microsoft Word and put them in people's mailboxes. But I never got a reply.

Now, how does this fit into mowing lawns? Well, today a man walked up to my front door and knocked. I opened it and he asked whether or not I'd be interested in mowing his lawn. Well, it's more or less his lawn. He actually uses that house as a means of cash flow via rent. Since the previous rentee moved out and since the lawn care service that used to mow his lawn went out of business, he's asking neighborhood teenagers if they're interested.

I'm interested.

Thus, I've decided to call him tomorrow morning and see if the job is still available. I think it still is... or so I hope...

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