Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eragon the Bookrider

I was just watching a bit of the Eragon film... man, did they screw things up. I know the book was already screwed up enough, but the film is basically a "what not to do when making a film". I mean, how did Brom, Galbatorix, and Arya (especially her) know when Saphira hatched? Arya's not even a Dragon Rider! How the crap would she know? Not to mention the corny lines. When I return home tomorrow (as I'm at my grandparents' for Easter), I'm going to finish watching the film. Why? I've been wanting to see a comedy.

At least Saphira's model/animation isn't half-bad... but I myself am starting to dislike the whole feathers deal. Originality: great! Consistancy: bad choice.

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