Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cyber Ideas

This is a page for the upcoming Badger Games's production, Cyber! Below this is information that has been released so far:

Main Ideas

  • You'll be able to build your own ship, or use one of the pre-made ships available in the Power Station.
  • As you destroy more Ints, Doubs, Bools, and Rings (and each of their sub-types), you'll collect more Bytes. These Bytes will be used as the currency of the game and you'll be able to purchase and upgrade weapons, shields, and attributes to your ship(s).
  • At the end of each level (4-6 stages in each level), you'll fight a computer-based boss. IE: you could fight a virus that has infected the sound-card of the computer, therefore you'll fight a sound-based boss.
  • After you destroy a boss, you'll clear more memory. This memory will give you a new Permission (AKA power-up). These Permissions are like magical powers in fantasy games, but computer-esque. The current list is: Corrupt, Freeze, Reprogram, Deny. More Permissions will be thought-up later.
  • There are elite viruses called Trojans, which disguise themselves as allies, and then attack you when you least expect it. They are rare at first, but they can become common on harder levels.
  • You can build your own stages and send them over to a nearby Nintendo handheld/Sony handheld.
  • The game is not exactly linear: after completing a stage, you have a choice to go to three different "pipelines". These pipelines will lead you to different areas of the game, some harder than others; you cannot go back once you've made your decision. This system could be compared to the Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories's path system.


  • Corrupt - Generate a wave that will cause the enemy ships to start flying and firing randomly and illogically.
  • Freeze - User will be able to fire five shots that will permanently or temporarily freeze the victim, depending on their strength.
  • Reprogram - A single shot weapon which will force the victim to join your side.
  • Deny - Generate a shield that will reflect all projectiles, crashing ships, and waves; ineffective against walls.
  • Hide - Become invisible to all enemy ships; makes enemy missiles very much useless.
  • Format - Generate a wave that will destroy all instances on the field, bosses included; the most powerful Permission in the game.
  • Copy - Create a copy of yourself.
Any suggestions welcomed. I will also continue adding info here, so keep checking!

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