Sunday, April 4, 2010


[21:56:08] <~Calx> !8ball Should I learn about pointer variables or write more Cyber music?
[21:56:09] <&Dragon> The 8ball says... "It is decidedly so."
[21:56:14] <~Calx> Oh, right. <_<
[21:56:22] <~Calx> !8ball Should I learn about pointer variables?
[21:56:23] <&Dragon> The 8ball says... "Most likely."
[21:56:27] <~Calx> Grr
[21:56:36] <~Calx> !8ball But it's boring. D:
[21:56:36] <&Dragon> The 8ball says... "My sources say no."
[21:56:47] <~Calx> !8ball Yeah, it is.
[21:56:48] <&Dragon> The 8ball says... "Outlook good."
[21:56:57] <~Calx> Oh, go to hell.
[21:56:58] * &Dragon ( Quit (NickServ (GHOST command used by Calx))
[21:57:01] <~Calx> :)
[21:57:02] * Dragon ( has joined #jail
[21:57:05] <~Calx> o_O
[21:57:18] <~Calx> You're one creepy-ass bot, you know that?
[21:57:23] <Dragon> Yeah. :)

I swear, this bot just scares me sometimes... it actually REJOINED THE SERVER.
Anyway, I'll post one big quote file on here someday and update it monthly. Keep a look out.

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