Saturday, March 27, 2010

Waxy Earbuds

I'm sure most of you have an iPod or some sort of portable multimedia device with you. Some of you listen to music on your device and some of you even use earbuds. However, I'm sure most of you don't bother to clean out your ears. Look at your earbuds; what do you see? Probably some earwax build-up, huh? Well, I have a very simple method for removing that earwax; you might already know of this technique, but for those who don't, this could be useful: take a fine toothbrush with only bristles, nothing else, and rub the buds where the sound comes out until the wax is gone. Now, don't put any cleaning products on the brush nor buds, as it may damage them. Simple? Well, I like simplicity.

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