Friday, March 26, 2010

Suicidal Reasons

No, I'm not going to kill myself, but something has been confusing me for quite some time: why do people kill themselves? Even the most religious person (who, according to religion, will end up in hell) will kill themself because they don't have it all. Don't they know what grief they will cause in the family? If that's what they are after, then all right then; ruin your life. Make people feel like crap. But if all you're after is some attention, why don't you earn it? There's no reason to kill yourself if all you're after is attention. I've earned attention by learnng how to program and compose music. Sure, I'm not a celebrity (and I don't plan on becoming one), but my family sure as hell knows what I do; that's all I need.

And for those people who think they're life is just bad, do you have a roof over your head? Do you have food in your belly? What? What was that? "Yes"? Then what's the problem? Oh, you have no friends... bull. You do have friends, you're just too damn lazy to look around. Who cares about being in the popular crowd? You shouldn't, because those in the popular crowd will be the ones who will end up living on the streets and doing drugs just because it's "cool". Puh. All my friends are nerds; I'm a nerd myself. You really think I give two sugar-honey-ice-teas about what the popular kids have to say about me? I laugh at them and sometimes I feel like back-handing them. You heard me. Or read me. Whatever.

My point is, don't kill yourself just 'cause you have it bad. Once you're found dead, your family will be the one who'll have it bad. You got another reason as to why you should kill yourself? Post it up and I'll disprove it like James Avery's hair.

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