Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bad Day

Well, I've had a bad day today: first, as I was going down the front steps, I didn't notice the ice that had gathered on the bottom overnight and fell, landing flat on my butt; I was not amused. I was also tired the whole day, thus my heart was exhausted (and I felt the results of my arrogance). I also forgot to do my math homework, so it's just making it worse for me. Not to mention I can't find my cellphone and I had to use it for chemistry class:

For that class, we took text messaging into consideration and we had to decipher a message written in text format... the class laughed at it. The reason for this was, no one really types like this: 2day we hd 2 rite a esay LOL. Sure, not many people use correct capitalization nor punctuation, but at least most teenagers can type correctly. Not to mention the fact that I myself am not a bad writer since I'm trying my hand at novel-writing (*coughralucidcough*). So I don't get the point of this exercise other than this whole Gateway nonsense. Man, I hate exams.

I also am starting to dislike my Java teacher: she's been treating me like a child and disregarding my accomplishments lately. Yes, I know she's supposed to be nice to all the other students and give everyone else a chance, but she's basically left me behind. I'm still struggling to understand the inheritance/polymorphism vocabulary and yet she tells me to come after school. She knows very well I cannot: I've told her this before! I'm much too busy to stay after school, what with Ralucid and Diddgery the Cricecorn. Not to mention personal life; I wish the school would understand that, but all they care about is making sure the students have good grades so they can brag about it to the other counties. Puh. Screw the other counties and this one, too. I don't care about being the #1 county.


Another bad thing was I had to go to the dentist. Now, I'm not saying I dislike my dentist, but I just don't like going there altogether. I know they're there to help me, but still... apparently, I have to use this special paste called MI paste. I expected it to taste bad, but the melon flavor isn't too shabby; it's almost nice, ever nicer than toothpaste, which isn't much of a shock in itself. However, I'll need to take better care of my teeth, but I'm sure this melon-flavored exclusive will fix that right.

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  1. I hope your feeling better bro! you're in my prayers! =)